Learning to love Vintage…

Jan 8th

Dianna and I are asked frequently what made us start Vintage Market Days. The truth is… it was just God’s timing. That simple. But we both fell in love with Vintage in different ways, and like God does, he brought the two of us together with different pasts to start this little venture that has become something we love and cherish. The two women in this picture are the reason I learned to appreciate things with a past. My Mom and my Great Aunt Deana. 

Aunt Deana’s beautiful Blue Hobnail Depression Glass collection

I spent many, many Saturdays with both of them going to the Tulsa Flea Market looking for Depression Glass. I loved listening to the history behind the pieces and watching a collection come to life! But more than that I loved being with them and learning from these two amazing women.  They lovingly started two collections for me – Pink Open Lace and Fireking. It was their opportunity to share a piece of themselves with each other and with me.  To hand down an appreciation of beautiful and simple things. 

Even as a teenager I was mesmerized by the men and women vendors at the Flea Market who took so much pride in their treasures.  They were friendly and interesting and you could see a real passion for the things they sold and collected.  I loved getting away from normal life and slipping back in time to when things seemed much simpler.  As a teenager, college student and later young adult, it was therapeutic for me to walk around the Flea Market adding to my collection and dreaming about what some of the other interesting items could become with a little love. I soon found myself convincing my sweet husband to spend weekend evenings with me at the Haskell Auction. 

I’ve always been amazed at how God takes events from our lives and neatly ties them all together.  I don’t know if I appreciated it enough at the time but what my mom and aunt gave me was priceless.  Looking back on those times reminds me of how precious those very simple “outings” were.  We could have never known what God had planned much later down the road…but I am grateful.

That is my story of how I learned to love Vintage.  Next up…Dianna!

We would love to hear your stories and hope that you will share them with us!

Bringing the Vintage Experience to you…Amy

My sisters and me with Aunt Deana and her amazing collection.

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