The Winding Down of the School Year

May 7th

I don’t know about you, but for me this time of year takes a close second to Christmas when it comes to busy schedules. There are times I look at our family calendar and feel confident the whole thing is going to spontaneously combust! Schedules are so full, it can be overwhelming. The blessing is that our homes are filled with precious little people who bring us all so much joy.

As Dianna and I near the homestretch with our Vintage Market Days planning, we are constantly reminded that there is so much left to do to make this an event to remember…and the clock is ticking. We have had the best time gathering up amazing vendors (new friends) to share with all of you. From repurposed architectural salvage to handmade jewelry to the most darling decorated cookies, our Vintage Market Days vendors are going to amaze you! The talent is truly unbelievable. They are all busy collecting and making their unique treasures and are so excited to meet all of you.

And for us, we are putting the finishing touches on the event layout, advertising, sponsorships, and all the fun details that will come together to create a weekend where we can all slow down for a few days and enjoy a charming weekend together. We hope by June 22 your calendars will only be filled with these three words…Vintage Market Days!

Bringing the Vintage experience to you!

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